Nelson Rangell “The Magician”

This is a new studio video of me playing a wonderful piece titled “the Magician”. It’s featured on my new CD “Blue”. It’s written by a great musician named Andres Laprida who I met while I was living in New York trying to “make it” as a musician after finishing school in Boston. There were a lot of clubs with live jazz, salsa, R and B, Brazilian music, rock and jam scenes of all kinds going on in the city in the 80s and I tried to make my way to as many of them as often as I could. It was an exciting time. I think Andres and I played his tune together at a club that was in SoHo called Amazonas. We re connected over the internet. Pretty amazing. He’s living in Argentina now. I think that “The Magician’ is a really great tune and it’s character is a good fit for the piccolo. Thanks Andres!